Wireless Radiation Causing Bizarre Behaviour?

The excellent stopsmartmetersbc.com emailed interesting news that incidents of bizarre behaviour, even suicides, are noticeably on the increase and that this may be linked to wireless radiation exposure.

Here is the text of the email message, with a link to an informative “Parents for Safe Schools” blog post:

There have been many recent articles about people displaying bizarre behavior on airplanes, in shopping malls, and especially in schools.

Parents and teachers report that young children are becoming more violent, disruptive or depressed. And, sadly, suicides among young people, even young children. are on the rise.

Many studies have reported that exposure to wireless radiation can cause depression, neurological and psychological changes, especially in children.

The Parents for Safe Schools blog has gathered many articles and reports related to this topic. The link to this to the blog is


Schools and physicians are failing to be told about the health effects of exposure to microwave radiation, yet children are exposed all day every school day, needlessly.

Please share this widely.