Lawsuits, 5G and more!

Of course the deployment of 5G is negligent, even criminal, but what legal remedies are there against this hazardous technology which seems destined to roll out regardless?

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Whether it’s the Federal Communications Commission in the US, run by the very same corporate interests it’s supposed to be regulating, or unrepresentative municipal authorities here in Britain, 5G is all about making profits at any cost – whether to public health or against local democracy.

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Indeed, 5G has been shown to be a massive biological experiment on humanity that’s illegal under the Nuremberg Code, which forbids experimentation on human beings without informed consent, and many other international laws and declarations.

Imposition of 5G also breaches the UNESCO “precautionary principle” which states: ”When human activities may lead to morally unacceptable harm that is scientifically plausible but uncertain, actions shall be taken to avoid or diminish that harm.”

The precautionary principle has already been used to halt 5G in several European cities and regions where there are moratoriums on rollout until the tech is proven not to be detrimental to health. However, although such good news gives cause for hope, development of 5G infrastructure remains relentless nonetheless.

What legal remedies exist against 5G?

Commercial insurance underwriters won’t go near companies dealing publicly with 5G and other forms of electromagnetic field radiation.

That fact alone makes the telecom industry particularly vulnerable to legal claims and actions made against it.

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  1. Notice of Liability

Digital Survivor interviewed Cal Washington of the InPower Movement last month. Cal explained how ordinary people can get together to produce Notices of Liability (NoL) that would make public officials and corporate executives personally liable for any negative issues arising from their complicity in 5G.

Although the NoL is a legal document that can be used as a defensive weapon, there should be no need for any law courts becoming involved.

The process is fairly complicated but InPower Movement is developing a template for use in the UK and has issued a call-out for people looking to become involved.

Cal has claimed great success in Canada and the US with NoL actions used against smart meters – to the degree where individual public officials and corporate heads have resigned shortly after receiving such notices.

2. Other legal actions

Date protection concerns

As the Internet of Things prepares to roll out, powered by 5G, there will be a proliferation of wirelessly connected devices – from household items to self-driving cars – that will be easily compromised by malicious hackers.

These hacking incidents will attract the attention of regulators such as, in the UK, the Information Commissioner’s Office which is responsible for applying potentially enormous fines under the European Union’s highly punitive General Data Protection Regulation.

Personal injury claims

With a host of health problems increasingly being attributed to electromagnetic fallout from radiation-emitting devices, ranging from behavioural problems in children through to cancerous tumours in adults, personal injury lawyers will love 5G.

In the US, lawyers are already fighting and winning such cases.

There was even announced recently a “trillion dollar lawsuit” in North America:
18 April 2019

“5G Roll-out Facing $1 Trillion Class Action Lawsuit” [Excerpt]

This is the link to the trillion dollar lawsuit. Keep in mind 1 trillion isn’t enough. Buildings and infrastructure in EVERY city or area blanketed with RF EMFs. Damage to dams, nuclear power plants, eco devastation including atmosphere. Every exposed citizen has a multi million dollar lawsuit including babies in the womb.

There will be no insurance as they will not pay out 1 dollar, the trillions will come from assets and personal wealth. Then they will account for their crimes in criminal court. This is why Gateshead Council, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, Health Canada, provinces, states, countries, Prime Ministers, FortisBC, BC Hydro, etc were warned.

The missing causal/biological evidence linking RF EMFs to adverse health was found, reported and lectured for Continuing Medical Education credits REQUIRED for ongoing medical licensing. That accredited medical education program by the Integrative Health Forum and Global Education Development Institute is the most advanced medical education in the world. Their medical program related to the causal evidence was applicable to health professionals in North America. The medical program link above is a letter from health education admin and important to share with your medical professionals.


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5G’s appearance in our lives is, as I said at the start of this article, based on negligent and criminal activity arising from a psychopathic greed for profit that overrides public concerns.

This smart-surveillance matrix kill-grid really can be stopped! 😎