5G Dangers Information Resource

WordPress.com provides a constantly updating list of blog posts about 5G. A filtered “5G Dangers” search provides a useful resource for Stop-5G campaigners.

Home testing for electromagnetic firleds and radio frequency radiation in Glasgow and the West of Scotland.

Social media awareness

Facebook pages and groups against 5G seem to be appearing almost daily. Although some people posting on Facebook are well-informed about the dangers of 5G, many are not.

Personally, I avoid Facebook and Twitter. Apart from privacy and surveillance issues, I just think that too many people open up too many rabbit-holes (sometimes deliberately) that dilute or attempt to derail the important #Stop5G message.

However, it’s all about pubic education and calls to action over hazardous wireless technology – and so this social media phenomenon is brilliant, IMO.

WordPress reader

For me, the “reader” function on wordpress.com provides an excellent and fairly consistent source of reliable news and information about 5G.

You can find it at https://wordpress.com/read/search?q=5G%20Dangers&focus=1&sort=date and indeed can define your searches exactly as you wish.

Blogging about 5G isn’t a competition over who produces the best or fanciest website. It’s about cooperation and information sharing.

The technological hazards we face surely transcend ego.