5G can be Legally Challenged as Criminal Assault?

Implementation of 5G can be considered a criminal assault due to the medical problems it causes, according to Max Igan in this video.

[29 May UPDATE: See https://digitalsurvivor.uk/2019/05/25/successful-criminal-actions-to-halt-5g/ where Max Igan has a fascinating interview with the barrister mentioned in this post!]

Criminal codes in the UK, Australia and Canada may be used to stop 5G due to the hazardous technology’s health dangers constituting criminal assault.

Max discusses this in the video below, and even claims telecom companies have halted 5G rollout when challenged using criminal law.

Igan says that a barrister gave him informal but nonetheless specialist opinion. He has said elsewhere that he hopes to interview the lawyer in one of his own broadcasts soon.

If true, this would massively override any civil actions and perhaps even Notices of Liability.

(Thanks to Ramola D Reports for uploading this clip to YouTube)