Open Reach Paranoia and Sea Air

On being forced by BT Open Reach to take time offline …

After over one week and at least five unsuccessful attempts (allegedly) by British Telecom Open Reach engineers to get my fibre broadband up and running, I find myself writing this Digital Survivor article in Libre Office before posting it later over wi-fi connection in a local coffee shop.

I guess choosing to live in a fairly remote seaside village brings challenges that townies don’t even have to think about – online connectivity certainly being one of them.

Indeed, internet is so piss-poor here that beach-front businesses are still having to struggle with slow copper-based connections for their POS (point-of-sale) machines and online banking needs. Any future appearance of 5G will therefore be interesting.

However, there may be a more sinister aspect to Open Reach incarcerating me in my picturesque pre-dial up prison …

Open Reach conspiracy?

Due to my laptop being open during an early visit, one of the Open Reach engineers saw on my screen a white paper I was working on for personal injury lawyers. The document explored how to exploit 5G and EMF health injury cases for financial claims against telecom companies (and therefore help in the wider fight against 5G).

Perhaps coincidentally, Open Reach has had to be called out several times since that day as their repeated attempts to connect me to broadband still (to this very day) fall well short of the mark.

But I’m starting to experience paranoia:  I’ve twice seen Open Reach engineers sit in their vans outside my home and doing nothing but surfing on their smartphones, even as my actual internet service provider tells me that “Open Reach is dealing with” my case.

However, when I knock on the van window to ask the engineers about my connection, they will say, “Eh, I’m here on another job.”

Whether it’s deliberate or not, these bastards really are making my life hell right now. This is because until I’m connected I have no refrigerator, washing machine, furniture, vacuum cleaner, curtains … or any other amenities and appliances I’d have been able to order so easily had I been able to get online.

Of course it’s all driving me nuts – as it seems designed to. I can now almost imagine what it’s like to be a targeted individual.

But hey, let’s calm down. After all, I was told yesterday that a service would finally be set up by midnight tonight.

Surfs up

So for now I have to visit my local coffee shop in order to pick up emails and do any web surfing.

Whilst online, it’s been particularly heartening to see “Stop 5G UK Public Group” develop on Facebook – with the page’s moderators and contributors so willing to call out the globalist climate change hoax for what it is, expose that Soros-inspired “Extinction Rebellion” movement, and remain focussed on the real issues surrounding 5G and wireless radiation.

There’s also a good degree of expertise that emerges in comments when it comes to questions arising about technical aspects of 5G and other electromagnetic-field technologies.

This awakening is fantastic to witness!

Now I just have to hope that no one will get suckered in by, for example, a man who presents himself in a New Age fashion, tries to rationalise a chequered history that alternates between NGO activism (ALARM BELLS!!!) and working for establishment gamekeepers, a man who makes an acclaimed “documentary” that chiefly recycles other people’s work … I’m sure you know the type.

But then again, I’m always wary of anyone who arrives suddenly out from nowhere. There’s a lot of psy-op and social engineering going on with 5G.

Indeed, I’m also going through email messages and blocking those correspondents I’ve suspected for a while to be psy-op agents and social engineers. These dead souls will open up email conversations, try to cultivate an ongoing relationship, then attempt to apply pressure over editorial decisions involving Digital Survivor.

It’s fun for a while but right now is a good time to stop tolerating such nonsense.

That said, there are other psy-op issues going on that are more intricate and deserve attention. They tend to be genuinely innocent folks who have swallowed some morsel of nonsense from elsewhere but who still have useful info to be refined and shared.


And just as you perhaps think Digital Survivor really is turning into a gibbering, paranoid nutter, my internet service provider’s promise about being connected “by midnight” this evening just turned into an sms text message saying “between 24 and 48 hours” …

All together now: “Oh I do like to be beside …”