Wake-Up Call

Digital Survivor reader and guest contributor Andrew Adams says it’s time to wake up to 5G’s implications for humanity.

5G is the alarm call for everybody who values freedom because it is the frequency that carries the extensive data-stream that enables the Smart Grid – a potential digital prison, where technology is our minder and controller.

The calculated and fervent plan has now gone overground and we can view with clarity where Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 Global Action Plan, sustainable development, the ‘thought’ leadership matrix and the climate-change psy-op are taking us.

And it doesn’t look a pretty place.

The human option within the technocratic mono-culture (Smart Grid) is the ‘respectful global citizen’. (A customer who is irradiated, socially graded, monitored, vaccinated, data-mined, thought-controlled and ultimately happiest when gazing into the latest 5G Smart mobile device). The control dynamic is totalitarian when choice lies within the parameters of an electronic framework, and exclusion can occur at the flick of a switch.

The military-industrial complex involved in assembling and co-ordinating the Smart Future is lost in a shared void of technological madness. Despite its deranged state, the unity in aim and purpose is palpable – with an all-systems-go for 1st place to complete 5G implementation.

The prize is gold-rush profits, a new form of (false green) economy, and a very effective coup on the liberty of the population. Little wonder then, that they completely disregard our health and the balance of nature!

To stand against such unity of purpose – we need to be united ourselves. The balance of power needs to shift away from all controlling systems of governance to the real requirements and needs of people. Imposing injurious, hi-tech control systems is not acceptable.

Public consultation concerning the current technology (5G) is limited to non-existent, so therefore we have to do what we can to protect our well being. Difficult as it may be, the Smart phone can be let go, which will immediately remove a vital link in the command and control chain. Refusing a Smart Meter will also protect our health, and take-out another piece of intrusive, dangerous technology.

And say no to any human micro-chip agendas requiring our connection to the Internet of Things.

Events may appear bleak at times, however, history shows us that the best laid plans can be disrupted by a random factor – or better still, a co-ordinated public expression of non-compliance

In the meanwhile – stay positive! Connect with the natural world – purchase some Shungite crystals to protect your body against EMF radiation and grow plenty of indoor plants.

Andrew Adams