Take a Smart Meter or Pay the Price!

Households that don’t want to receive their energy supplies through smart meters will pay much higher fuel bills to five of the UK’s six major power companies.

It’s well known that home-energy smart meters are failing to capture the UK public’s imagination, despite government ambitions for us all to be microwaving ourselves voluntarily at home with the weaponised tech.

Indeed, Digital Survivor discussed an article in the Telegraph recently about an artificial scarcity of analogue power meters being used in order to shore up the British government’s clearly failing campaign to have every home fitted with “smart” meters by 2020. (And contrary to some disinformation encouraged by the energy companies, having a smart meter fitted is not compulsory.)

So now British Gas is one out of five of the “big six” energy suppliers now deliberately making it far more expensive for those of us seeking to avoid the hazardous tech (that will be core to 5G and the so-called internet of things / internet of everything).

The message from the industry is clear: Have your choice but pay through the nose if it isn’t our choice for you:

This Is Money
Grace Gausden
31 May 2019

British Gas customers who refuse to have a smart meter installed could be charged up to £300 more annually than customers who agree to have a device fitted, depending on the tariff.

Households opting for British Gas’s lowest-cost fixed tariff, Energy Plus Protection Green, who agree to have a meter installed will be charged £938 a year for average consumption.

However, a customer who takes the same deal but declines to have a smart meter installed within three months of signing up will be switched to another deal costing £1,228 a year on average, figures from uSwitch show.

It comes as government statistics this week show a slow down in smart meter take-up.

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