There’s a Man Going Around Taking Names

Interesting emails doing the rounds just now and #Stop 5G activists might want to think hard before they reply.

One such email is from a “scientist” seeking donations to help him continue his work trying to stop 5G.

Personally, I’ve no problem with that – except for his complicity (conscious or otherwise) in promoting the outright falsehood that 5G can be beamed to Earth from satellites in space orbit.

Data harvest questions

Another of the emails currently circulating is a promotional recruitment drive that’s pushing for a multi-nation “European Stop 5G Alliance”.

There seems to be no mention of satellites with this one so far, though I do know that some of the people involved are proponents of the science-fiction narrative.

Those drafting the manifesto documents, etc, have clearly put thought into how they’re approaching the project. For example, they seem to be trying to balance individual members’ autonomy¬† with both a concept of member nations having “representatives” and how common campaigning ground will be handled.

My only ethical reservation at the moment is what the “Alliance” organisers – whoever they actually are – plan to do with all the personal data they will harvest from those who sign up to “give consent” (as they put it) to their authority.

I make no accusation or insinuation here and I’m currently waiting for answers to enquiries I made yesterday. I will write a piece based on any answers given and supply copies of various documents for Digital Survivor readers to examine while making their own minds up.

Maybe it’ll be the fabulous shot in the arm #Stop5G needs? After all, we’re not exactly winning right now, are we?

So if you like signing petitions, receiving newsletters and supporting remote campaign groups, then why not this one?

What about at your own doorstep?

In any event, are you really going to hope that some faraway entity might hear your individual plea and help dismantle the 5G-connected streetlamp outside your kid’s bedroom window? Or tear down those cell units nudged up against your garden fence when they appear?

There are no heroes in #Stop5G. Only us natives. Do not forget that.