True Nature of the 5G Panopticon

It’s pretty clear that 5G is really about providing enough bandwidth for the so-called Internet of Things. That’s why it’s dangerous to focus #Stop5G on health concerns alone – for even if they make it “safe”, the surveillance grid will come in under the radar.

Amazing Polly discusses in her video below how smartphones are being used to groom humanity towards social scoring, economically driven behavioural control and ultimately totalitarian enslavement.

James Corbett’s video (beneath Polly’s) further confirms the hell-on-Earth that’s planned for every one of us through smartphones, smart meters and more.

Watch the videos, share widely and prepare to take back your life. You can start doing that by ditching your smart devices.

This is not fear porn. These clips are illustrations of how a very few seek to control the rest of us – to the point life won’t exist as we currently know it. All you need do is remember what it is to be a living being again.

(H/T – Max Igan)