How to Foil Smart Meters

News that energy company Eon is to move its customers onto so-called “renewable electricity” accounts comes as no surprise to anyone aware of the health hazards brought to us by smart meters, 5G and the smart surveillance grid. But I’ve been thinking …

DIGITAL SURVIVOR provides useful tips and handy hints to help defeat 5G and so-called smart technoogy.

Of course, Eon’s plans are just part of a wider drive by all energy companies just now to limit consumer choice and force every household to accept smart meters to monitor their accounts.

Serious problems associated with smart meters are becoming increasingly known to the wider public and include: bursting into flames and causing fires; serious health risks; 24/7 remote surveillance; attracting higher bills – and more. (Visit Stop Smart Meters UK for more information on some of these issues.)

Foil the meters!

This is particularly a problem if one is considering renting a home from a housing association or local authority (“council house”). Both of these sectors are embracing the lie that smart meters provide tenants with cheaper energy bills and meet loony “green sustainability” targets.

And this bothered me until I remembered how several years ago I persuaded Yorkshire Water to remove a smart meter they’d sneakily installed by telling them that I was covering the meter in aluminium foil (commonly referred to as “tin foil”).

So that’s my answer. Anyone moving into a rented home with a smart meter they can’t change might want to cover it in copious amounts of tin foil so as to interrupt the radio-frequency (RF) signals and effectively render it useless. Remember that the meters are only about reporting power used and not actually supplying it (in order to make devices work).

Indeed, I’ve read that tin foil coated with Copper Oxide paint is extremely effective in eliminating RF and other electromagnetic field problems.

Power companies will undoubtedly say that covering meters this way will produce problems, perhaps claiming a possible fire risk. Having done research, I believe the only issue will be that the companies will have to go back to sending people out to take readings.

And remember folks, when it comes to resisting all things “smart”, it needn’t be that difficult (certainly not until enough lemmings have adopted it so that the rest of us actually do have no choice). Ditch the smart phones and devices, use cash when and wherever you can if making purchases, wire your devices with ethernet cables, don’t bring wigig into your home, … and don’t swallow the 5G hype.

It really is quite simple …

(Thanks to Amy O’Hair, a good friend of Survivor, for this clip.)