Ian R Crane 5G Talk in Glasgow | Review

Digital Survivor correspondent L O’Connor attended one of the final dates in a long UK tour by #Stop5G campaigner Ian R Crane in Glasgow recently:

5G is it Safe?

Around 50 concerned citizens attended Ian R Crane’s event on 5G on Monday 7th October at Merchants House of Glasgow and I was pleased to be one of them.

To my surprise and many others, Ian was on his own. He was even issuing and receiving tickets as people made their way into the grand hall of Merchants House.

At just under three hours, Ian’s talk was energetic and informative. He not only focused on the health and safety concerns of 5G but the impacts on our privacy and freedoms.

In the first half he spoke of the dangers of masts and transmitters. There was video footage showing the plight of parents fighting to disable and remove masts at schools they believed responsible for their child’s cancer.

Thankfully in many of the cases mentioned, parents won and the masts removed or at least switched off.

Ian shared with us plans to put transmitters on bus shelters and underground on manhole covers even under park benches. Beware of a warm seat!

During the break activists from Stop 5G Scotland were handing out Community Awareness leaflets. The literature was highly informative, well written and included links to do your own research to get involved in stopping 5G.

In the second half Ian highlighted the connection of 5G to autonomous vehicles.

Due to tracking devices these vehicles will not only be able to track every journey you make but can also calculate the mileage tax that most of us currently pay at the pump.

The amount of harmful radiation in these “green cars” was breathtaking. Job losses such as HGV and bus drivers would be inevitable and non-autonomous cars pushed off the smart motorways.

Towards the end of the talk Ian offered us some solutions to help stop the rollout of 5G. He encouraged us to share our information and form alliances – which many gladly participated.

I am sure I speak for a lot of us in the truth community when I say I’ve become disillusioned with politics and politicians. However there is increasing evidence that bombarding your local MPs and councillors with letters, or attending council meetings, hearings and taking the opportunity to speak out during public comments, is gaining traction.

In England, five councils have declared a moratorium invoking the precautionary principle on 5G: The Isle of Wight, Glastonbury, Trafford, Totnes and most recently Kingsbridge. The Daily Mail even published an article on the 5G moratorium in Totnes.

There are hundreds of local authorities in England, 22 in Wales, and we have 32 in Scotland. What would happen if five of our councils invoked the precautionary principle on 5G?

It would be interesting to find out!

L. O’Connor