STOP 5G Scotland Meeting | Report

Great report by L O’Connor on what sounds like an especially inspiring #Stop5G meeting held in Glasgow yesterday evening:

It was a pleasure to attend a small but lively event full of like-minded passionate individuals who all contributed to bring forward ideas and possible solutions to the fight against 5G.

There were 12 of us from Glasgow and the surrounding areas, also from as far as Greenock and Largs who made the effort to come to the meeting.

Stop 5G Scotland have made great headway and already have some promising contacts. An Environmental Lawyer who has taken on EMF cases before also former SNP councillor for Cumbernauld and Kilsyth Paddy Hogg has expressed his concerns over 5G, he is now standing as an Independent.

Stop 5G Scotland are hoping to get a website up and running soon and looking for funding to lobby for a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). Also, specialists on 5G, such as Mark Steele, will be giving talks at a future date in Glasgow.

One member of the group Carol Craig chief executive of the Centre of Confidence and Wellbeing recently wrote an excellent article on about the dangers of 5G and is organising a future event called Switch Off.

This event is to bring into question if Scotland should follow the example of other countries to protect and limit children’s exposure to Wi-Fi, phones and other EMF emitting devices.

Erica Mallery-Blythe founder of Physicians Health Initiative for Radiation and Environment will be speaking at this event which will be held in February 2020 further details have still to be confirmed.

Glasgow is a huge area, I expect Stop 5G Scotland’s members to rise but there need to be groups all over Scotland arranging community meetings to raise awareness and take action.

There are many ideas and plans in the works and the more of us involved the better chances of implementing these.

Digital Survivor report on Stop 5G Scotland meeting.

The next meeting is Wednesday 20th November between 6-8pm at The Hut, Temple and Shafton Youth Project, 357 Netherton Road, Glasgow.