Laying out our tech Dystopia

Three articles appeared over the past few weeks to give clear signs as to where our current tech dystopia is headed – ultimate lockdown of humanity by 2030 if the Word Economic Forum gets its way.

The World Economic Forum has never been shy about telling us how it wants a merge between humans and machines. Click on the pic to scroll through “30 visions” of the technocratic dystopia they have planned for us – to be completed within next 10 years. See which of these hideous hallucinations sit under the rushed roll-out of 5G that’s happening right now:

Digital Survivor provides news of our tech dystopia.

And the left-leaning Guardian provides a not entirely unsympathetic idea of how we might achieve this glorious new order with use of RFID chips under the skin (again, undoubtedly benefiting from 5G)

Digital Survivor exposes how RFID micro-chipping will run on 5G and bring about a tech dystopia.

Orwellian climate lunacy is the PROBLEM> REACTION> SOLUTION driver. It’s the main vehicle for dictating to us, in Orwellian fashion, what sinners we all are and how we must accept visions like those being meted out by the World Economic Forum – while ignoring the shit (literally) happening right in front of us:

Digital Survivor on the climate change hoax.

Entities operating from higher principalities are telling us exactly what is happening now and what they further plan for us.

If we say or do nothing, we will be deemed accepting, even complicit, by our tacit consent (Lex Mercatoria).