Utilita smart meter challenge

Those of us awake to 5G, smart meters and other hazardous wireless tech know that consumer choice is quoshed by retailers feverish for their commission from the energy industry. Here’s my own personal tale, so far …

Lucky me just landed a flat in the town where I live. This is great news because they are like gold dust to get.

Problem is, the electricity to the property is supplied through a so-called smart meter that looks like it was installed in the past few months.


A company called Utilita put it in. They specialise in offering cheap energy deals and appear to be an independent outfit.

In a phone call I asked for my smart meter to be removed. The Utilita guy I spoke to was both resistant and authoritarian in his attitude. Citing “company policy not to remove smart meters”, he demanded medical evidence of my claimed electro-sensitivity.

I’m afraid that I disgraced myself a tad by telling him to “fu*k off” after that request; such was his building level of obnoxiousness and evidently wilful lack of cooperation.

Health concerns

I suffer disturbed sleep, intestinal problems and occasional headaches when exposed to electromagnetic and radio-frequency (RF) fields that are strong.

  • Go to this link for PDFs and other resources to find out what qualified experts and doctors are saying about health & safety concerns associated with electromagnetic fields and radio-frequency radiation pumped out by “smart” technology.
  • Find out how it has been admitted at a United Nations conference that 5G and allied smart technologies are “a massive biological experiment” on human populations.

Now, good luck getting an NHS GP to confirm a diagnosis of electro-sensitivity. The best I can offer is a lady I used when I lived in Sheffield who specialised in traditional Chinese medicine and therapy – and who would charge rather a lot for a letter confirming her diagnosis.

Consumer choice out the window

The meter in my new home is currently set to pay-as-you-go (PAYG) and this seems to mean that the meter is currently in dumb mode and not transmitting or receiving RF pulses. This is confirmed by repeated readings I took with my Trifield EMF meter.

However, PAYG tends to be the most expensive way to buy electricity and I’m pissed off that this is my only option if I’m to avoid ill-health through radiation I have to pay for through setting up a direct debit with my bank.

What am I going to do then?

Digital Survivor takes on Utilita over its refusal to remove a smart meter.

I’ll live with the smart meter on PAYG mode for a few weeks until I’ve fully settled in to my new place.

Next I will send an email to an appropriate director or senior staff member at Utilita to do the following:

  1.  Ask for a copy of their company’s professional indemnity and public liability insurance policies that cover claims in the event of ill-health arising from their installed equipment. Readers of Digital Survivor will know that commercial insurance companies largely refuse to underwrite the wireless technology industry when it comes to potential claims for liability based on ill=health or injury.
  2. Point out that having one’s smart meter removed is an established right, certainly when it comes to the grown-up members of the home energy industry.
  3. Depending on replies I receive after putting the above two points, I’ll let Utilita know I’m putting together a legally binding Notice of Liability and serve it on the company’s CEO and other potentially liable officers.
  4. I’ll also make sure they have a link to this article that you, dear visitor, are reading right now.

Of course, if Utilita is to any degree a smart company, it will agree to take out my smart meter and install an analogue model in its place.

Watch this space …


Also! See this video for further tips – H/T Stop 5G Scotland – especially the one about charging the power company a fee for storing their property (the meter) in your own home: