UK Capital f*ck-up on 5G

A bit of good news from London …

Basically, tech bods who filed a Freedom of Information Act request are clearly concerned that their 5G gravy train may not run efficiently and on time. The sub-text to this news story, however, is that London’s borough structure means 5G rollout is a shambles – which is a good thing from my point of view – and now the techies have woken up to this.

Question will be around who finds money to make it happen. I suspect none will be found.

James Warrington
10 December 2019

The rollout of next-generation 5G networks in London could be under threat due to a lack of preparation by local authorities, a new report has warned.

While major mobile networks have launched 5G in the capital and other major UK cities, London boroughs remained “far from ready” to support the new technology, it warned.

Freedom of Information data obtained by Tech London Advocates revealed that all but two of London’s 33 boroughs have no specific strategy for enabling the telecoms rollout.

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