Best non-smart energy deals?

The UK’s “big six” home energy providers have been offering sweeteners to encourage people to take on smart meters. But what are the alternative options if you don’t want the killer surveillance-tech monitoring you?

The six major energy providers have promised up to £300 off annual household energy bills for customers agreeing to have a smart meter installed. Clearly this targets poorer people and others working to a budget.

But visitors to this site know that so-called smart meters are surveillance machines that also bring health hazards.

So read the full article published two days ago by consumer website This Is Money and get a snapshot of available deals on the uSwitch table below:

Gas and electricity energy deals where I don't need to have a smart meter fitted.Click to enlarge

17.12.2019 UPDATE: Spoke last night to Utility Point, the energy provider topping the non-smart meter deals list. Said they plan smart tech integration early next year but won’t force smart accounts on people who currently have smart meters working on “dumb” mode as “dry meters” (and separate billing).
We’ll see …

(Hat-Tip: Laura at Stop 5G Scotland)