Utility Point problems

Utility Point is currently one of a few energy suppliers listed as offering good deals for household energy without needing a smart meter. But the company’s reputation is already at risk of being tarnished!

UPDATE: It turns out Utility Point had failed to contact the existing energy provider to take over my electricity account. It took intervention from a third-party agency to sort the matter out and it is now all in hand. However, the original post is still worth a read (though I edited a stinging word I wrote about the customer services agent when still extremely annoyed).

Utility Point apologised for their customer service failings and I in turn expressed gratitude that the matter has been sorted. Nonetheless, this does show the problems so-called “smart” metters cause, even beyond issues surrounding health hazards and privacy.

And indeed Utility Point was my own favoured choice with which to replace Utilita (a rival to Utility Point) because I wasn’t happy with them as legacy supplier in my new home.

The problem now is that I have a duel-fuel gas and electricity contract with Utility Point that’s just starting – but I still have to pay Utilita for my electricity!!!

Why? Apparently because Utility Point isn’t competent enough to deal with another supplier’s PAYG smart meter (a device I want to get rid of entirely in the longer term).

“WTF???” one might ask.

Pay As You Go Woe

“Utility Point seems happy to take customers’ money but not take responsibility for providing accurate information or useful assistance.”

I had previously given Utility Point a reading from my standard “dry” gas meter and they asked me to contact them at a later date to sort out the smart PAYG issue.

So I called back this morning, as advised. But their customer service agent (CSA) was clearly out of her depth when I put the problem to her – and there was no experienced supervisor available when I asked.

(I’d also sent the company an email yesterday morning. No reply at time of writing this post.)

The CSA said I should wait until the credit runs out on the PAYG then phone up to get an emergency call-out so that a new meter could be installed and my electricity supply restored!


After hearing this bizarre advice, I further asked how Utility Point could deduct money from my bank for a duel-fuel deal while I was at the same time paying another supplier for my electricity.

She then started winging it even further, presumably in a (failed) effort not to appear a hopeless chuff [edited], and was reduced to saying almost random phrases and other junk that made no sense at all.

The company has proved both keen and efficient at taking direct debits from my bank account but seems at the same time too shy to provide adequate advice about how to handle my seemingly problematic electricity meter.

I’m working on getting this all sorted out – court action if necessary – but thought Digital Survivor readers would like to hear about the problem.

I’ll let you know how this works out. But my advice is to be careful when dealing with johnny-come-lately energy firms such as Utility Point.

Watch this space!