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Digital Survivor’s L O’Connor tells us about a couple of bits of kit to help protect from electrosmog at home …

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As many Digital Survivor readers will know there’s a growing number of gadgets out there that claim to protect us from EMF radiation. This is great news but the majority of these items come with a heavy price tag.

Trifield EMF/RF meter

After saving up for the best part of a year, my aunt and I halved-in and bought an EMF meter. We decided on the Trifield because it is one of the few meters available that also read dirty electricity and it was recommended by Russell (Digital Survivor publisher).

We got the Trifield from https://emf-protection.co.uk/ through 5G Awareness to take advantage of the 10% discount. The company kindly sent a voucher for 15% off a future purchase.

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At home I have my Wi-Fi switched off* and use an Ethernet cable. When I took readings from my old BT Hub I was shocked they were so high.

On the EMF Protection site I noticed a Y-FRY bag that you place your router inside. I thought why not, at £30 for a small high protection bag it was worth a try. As you can see from the illustrations it does work.

There is a gap in the bag where some EMFs leak out but this is where you tie the bag off around your cables so it’s understandable.

(* make sure to disable networking on your device as well as switching off the wi-fi function on your router!)

Y-Fry bag tested by Digital Survivor journalist L O'Connor.

I would definitely recommend this gadget. There are 3 sizes and different levels of protection. You can still use Wi-Fi if you must, but it offers a good way to protect yourself and your family in the home.

L. O’Connor

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