On the Quiet

So it’s been pretty quiet here at Survivor. Yet the Stop 5G campaign goes on elsewhere.

Part of me thinks I’ve said and written about all I can. Lord knows there are enough people on the case already.

But there are signs that I’m perhaps wasting my time. For example:

  • When I attended a Stop 5G meeting not very long ago, my lift pulled out a smartphone and placed it on their dashboard to use as a sat-nav;
  • People I’ve called out as shills either in private DM warnings  to newbie activists or here on Survivor are still to this day being quoted or having their videos shown where they discuss being careful about controlled opposition in the Stop 5G movement;
  • Campaigners still organising marches and petitions as if they are going to make the slightest difference.

I don’t claim to be the sharpest knife in any drawer, but the above three examples indicate to me that there’s no point in further bruising my forehead on a brick wall.

It’s also dismaying to realise that even when we fight 5G we are dancing to their tune like puppets. This comes as no surprise though as we are all programmed from cradle to grave for roles that demand  our egos suppress our sovereign state of being.

Ordinary folks have common sense

Funnily enough, I spoke with a couple of women  over recent months about how life was before the internet. One was 19 years old, beautiful and extremely smart, attending college to study business marketing. She looked me in the eye when she said she wished the internet had never been invented and that she lived in the world as it was before she was even conceived.

The other was a mum with 5 and 10 yo children who also worked as a civil servant. Despite being somewhere over 30 years of age – my estimate – she couldn’t even remember the sound of dial-up internet from her youth. She was particularly concerned about what kind of world her kids were growing up in and would continue to live in.

The digital sector, particularly telecom companies, currently bombard us with imagery telling us how essential and desirable their killer surveillance tech is in our lives. But it’s all smoke and mirrors behind which only those with vested (usually financial) interests spread such illusory shit.

That I fanny about on the internet, that you still gawp at social media on your smart devices, merely confirms how deep we all are in this rabbit hole.

Well, I’ve banished internet entirely at home and rely instead on public wi-fi in short exposures. I also continue to refuse a smartphone. The smart energy meter I inherited with my new flat is currently sat behind a Faraday Cage I constructed and will be removed later this year (I am determined!).

Am I smarter than all of you? No – I’ve just had enough. I’d rather read paper books, listen to symphony music on the radio and from time to time go out and interact with real people when I can.

But Digital Survivor is still open until at least the end of this year, when web-hosting needs to be renewed (or not).

And all of that said, do look out for the next article that will appear here very shortly. It’s by L O’Connor and contains practical information and super advice about protecting yourself from your home router.