Our Relationship with Smart Tech

The Guardian just published an article about how smartphones are skewing the lives of teens (tomorrow’s adults, remember). I also include a video that will blow your mind regarding how having wi-fi blows your privacy wide open.

First, the Guardian piece:

Johanna Leggatt
07 Feb 2020

We gave teenagers smartphones. Did we rob them of an inner life?

There are many reasons to fret about our relationship to technology, not least of which is the way smartphones, and their slot machine-like apps, have hooked us so thoroughly. Thanks to these miniature overlords many of us now boast the attention span (and manners) of a toddler, and, like prisoners on parole, are physically incapable of moving about without our electronic monitoring devices on us at all times.

When adults behave this way it’s depressing and odd, but when teenagers step into this world – not having known an alternative reality – the problem becomes a social concern.


Digital Survivor reporting on our tech dystopia.

And now a short video on how your wi-fi network and all devices connected to it can be traced from anywhere in the world – and what you can do about it!

(Thanks to Naomi Brockwell for uploading this to Youtube)

In the move closer between humanity and the machine world, it’s clear who the casualties will be – us.