The content of my Digital Survivor blog is pretty obvious after even the briefest browse. However, for anyone wishing to know more about who is behind it …


My name is Russ and I’m a middle-aged man. Over many years, I’ve lived in several major cities across the UK and on mainland Europe.

I’ve been a freelance features journalist on major UK newspapers, a Legal Aid supervisor in a firm of lawyers, an independent multimedia producer … and too many more job titles to mention.

In order to be reasonably confident in what I’m writing about here on Digital Survivor, I completed an electromagnetic field safety course. I’ve also studied data protection law (GDPR) with the University of Groningen and cyber security with Deakin University.


I publish this blog because I remember a time when machines served (and occasionally harmed) mankind. With a 5G-powered Internet of Things and AI apparently in store for us, it seems we must now conform to serve machines.

This is why I subtitle the blog “living through this tech dystopia”.


Digital Survivor content is a mixture of original articles, mostly produced by me but also occasionally by outside contributors, and aggregated stories that I believe to be of interest to the site’s visitors.

Currently, Digital Survivor’s website stats typically range from hundreds to several thousand visits on a daily basis. That’s not bad for such a young blog.

All content is free – PDF e-books, mp3 podcast recordings, GIF images, flyers, etc – as I charge no money for non-commercial, Fair Use and educational purposes under Creative Commons Licence BY-NC-SA.

How you can help

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