Below are links to PDFs that can be shared electronically or printed out and distributed by hand. They cover topics such as the effects of smart, wireless and mobile devices on our health.

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  • To get an idea of how wireless technology affects health, read this interview with US activist Amy O’Hair (who put together the This Irradiated Life channel on Youtube I link out to further below).

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Digital Survivor's interview with InPower Movement's Cal Washington - Now in e-book format as well as audio podcast.

Other Online Resources:


  • A site packed full of blog posts and articles about 5G, “smart” meters and other aspects of wireless tech is Definitely worth spending time on.
  • Despite not being the prettiest to look at, is an incredibly comprehensive website with all the technical information you’re likely to need to know on all aspects of electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation.
  • UK-based has been campaigning for years now and has built up a fascinating library of blog posts as well as producing really useful resources.
  • An invaluable resource for practical tips is the This Irradiated Life channel on Youtube. There’s a lot in there – from making your own wallet radiation shield to dealing with energy smart meters and much more.
  • Another campaigning resource that’s an absolute must to research is (It’s definitely a favourite of Digital Survivor.)
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For #Stop5G activists:

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