Precautionary Principle Applied to 5G in Florence, Italy

Friends at reported that Florence, Italy,” is invoking the precautionary principle with regard to the utilization of 5G technology”.

“It causes damage to the body!” Florence brakes on 5G and applies the Precautionary Principle. Motion in defense of health approved (almost) unanimous

“As the highest local health authority, we read, the Mayor Dario Nardella is officially committed ” to drawing up an overall plan, in agreement with the competent authorities, for the 5G technology plants before issuing individual authorizations in view of the application of the precautionary principle and public health “,” carefully evaluating any authorization for 5G installations in the territory of the municipality of Florence “…

Florence, after the Stop5G vote expressed by the XII Municipality of Roma Capitale, is therefore the first city in Italy to have formally approved the concerns of the political-institutional world on the dangers deriving from the fifth generation wireless….”

Read the original news report (Italian) here.

What is the “precautionary principle”?

As Digital Survivor contributor NO5GNI wrote in an article recently:

The Precautionary Principle (UNESCO) was adopted by EU 2005: ”When human activities may lead to morally unacceptable harm that is scientifically plausible but uncertain, actions shall be taken to avoid or diminish that harm.”

The telecom industry, regulators and other public officials have so far all been ignoring this concept entirely when it comes to 5G piloting.

Stop-5G action is starting to take effect!

Along with recent news of moratoriums on 5G rollout in Genevawhere the EMF guidelines are created and where the World Health Organization and International Telecommunications Union (an official UN agency) are based – and Vaux in Switzerland, and Brussels in Belgium, petitions appearing such as one currently in Germany, and numerous actions taking place in the US and elsewhere, it’s clear that the fight-back against dystopian tech is growing in strength … almost by the day!